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In the end, it is between you and God
You will go through life
and be given opportunities to love
to love, forgive and let go
Even when it’s challenging
Even when it’s not easy
Even when it seems unreasonable
to forgive, to love
You do it anyway
You will be given situations
Trials and Tests
You will be put in experiences
that can be painful
that can be confusing
Yet, you love, you bring kindness
You move forward
You propel onward on your path
You keep your focus and sincerity
For you are given the helping hand of the Supreme
You are given God’s love
and strength
And if you will just fill yourself
These things will become easy
And in the end, you will come to realize
that even if you were rejected for your love and kindness
for your diligence to your path
for your success
for your happiness
You will come to know,
It was always, between you and God, anyway
And so why not love
Om shanti.