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Humility is the Queen
of all virtues
She is our safety from the destructive force
of the ego
A safeguard from the flames of negativity
The ego will always want to think it is God
When really
the ego is like a false king
who has been ruling for far too long
If we want to see change in the world
it must start with ourselves
With a humble heart
willing to take God’s hand
and listen
in the depths of silence
to the song of your own soul
It is in surrendering everything to God
that we are free
so long as we hold onto anything
the ego can trick us into
identifying with a false support

Take a step into the arms of the true Beloved
the One, the Living Truth, the Humble Lord
and only here
will you find freedom
As the ego dissolves
the true Self is revealed
and all that can flow from this place
limitless love
Be weary of the umpteen distractions and pulls away from the path
Stay focused on your destination
of true awakening
and never veer off
Stay with the One
and remain forever safe
in God’s loving arms
An instrument for transformation
in the world.
Om shanti.