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Healing my beautiful, broken mind
If you’re a soul
like me
who has been around a while
Your precious mind
May need some care
The mind has been inundated with countless images, messages and brainwashing
It’s developed ill-health
unhealthy patterns
unhealthy ways of thinking
The poor mind
Is in need of care
and love
Most of all
The mind needs strength and power
From a Higher Power
Manmanabhav it’s called.
“Give your mind to Me,”
says the One
Let your mind rest in the Supreme Hospital
with the Supreme Surgeon
Let the Divine heal your mind
and empower your mind with thoughts like,
My mind is healed
My mind is filled with power
My mind is whole
My mind is divine
Try it out
If you, too,
have a beautiful, broken mind
to be repaired
Give it the supreme medicine
of Divine connection
and empowering thoughts.
Om shanti.