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The healing power of love and courage
is far greater than you can even imagine
You, see, having the courage to face and be with
anything that has scared you
but you know in your heart to be good and true…
can move mountains
When you take one step
the Divine will take 10,000+ steps with you
It’s that powerful
One act of courage
will bring 10,000 fold blessings in return
When you move from your Heart
and not from your head
When you move from your Faith
and not from your fear
You are filled with the power
entrusted with the strength
to change the bad into good,
the painful into the most beautiful
There is a sacred power
that is available to those who take the first step of courage…
It is something the Divine holds in His heart
available to those souls who are willing to take the step
to surrender
and be an instrument for something greater
There is an immense reward
When you can simply put your ego aside
and let yourself be an instrument for a greater good
the benefits will be far greater than you ever could have imagined
For you will be blessed
with the Hand of Blessings
straight from the Divine
What is it that you are knowing to do deep down?
What is it that, when you take that first step, the Divine has legions of light and support available to help you with?
Will you take the courageous step?
Will you trust in Love?
Will you trust in Him, in God?
There is an ocean of love and support available to you
will you take it?
Om shanti.