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God, the Friend
is your sweetest companion
This One is known as the Friend
Because of the unending love, power and peace
that emanates from the Heart
of this One
We can feel comforted and safe to know
amidst all of the chaos and hustle of life
there is freedom and security in God’s lap
Come close to Him, and He will cradle you with love
When I use “He”, I know some don’t resonate
Yet, this One is truly genderless, as all of us souls are
So don’t let that stop you
from feeling this One’s Friendship
You are blessed by this One
Beyond what you can see and perceive
You are a light in His heart
A star in His eyes
A special child
to help in the task
of transforming this world
So work like an Angel
for God
despite any situation or circumstance
Rely on His power and strength
And be one who emanates pure love and blessings
upon all
This is the grace of these times
They are dark times on one hand
and the very brightest on the other
And our experience of this depends largely on how much we can feel
God to be our Friend
Our Companion
Our Guide
Our Teacher
Our Mother
and Our Father
Let this One into your heart
Release any human reasons for keeping God out
And let Him in
So you can feel the comfort of Eternal Friendship
and Truth
And Bask in the constant Light and Peace
that He fills you with
This is your birthright
and it is also the call of these sacred
Feel God
the One
as your Friend.
Om shanti.