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God is carrying Me
is the consciousness
of the soul
who is liberated
We’ve been going through life
with the consciousness that
“I, me, my… I’m the doer… It’s all about me…”
Yet, it is now Time to surrender.
The time has come in the cycle of life, when, frankly,
If we’re humble
We realize we can use some help
It’s not that we can become pure by chanting mantras or bathing in the ganges,
reciting affirmations or doing yoga poses
It’s now that Time when the One has come
to play His part on the stage of life
And it’s Time to take that One’s hand
And let that One, God, the Divine, carry us
It’s time for “We”
not “I”
It’s time for “You”
not “me”
It’s time to let go of all of our stories, burdens and concerns
And give them to the Purifier
Who has come here to purify us
and take us back Home
For we have forgotten the way back Home
and so
He has to come
Let us take His hand, and follow our Sweet Beloved Mother/Father God
Home to Truth
We are like children who have stayed outside playing for too long
and have gotten all dirty
We’ve lost touch with what is true and pure
The way the world presents life
is backwards
and we’ve all become quite confused
And so,
let us take His hand
Let us all feel our belonging
to the One, God, the Divine
The Being who is the Bestower of Fortune
The Embodiment of Bliss
The One who Knows us
More than we know ourselves
Let us take that One’s hand
And let ourselves be carried
Through this dark chapter in the story of humanity
that actually becomes the Lightest chapter
when we take the Hand
of God
and are carried by His Love
in this Confluence Age
between Old and New
Let yourself be carried
Surrender to the Flame
Surrender to the One
The Ocean of Love
The Ocean of Peace
The Ocean of Truth
Let yourself let go
and be Held.
Om shanti.