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Go inwards O soul
And experience your original and eternal state
You are peace
You are filled with the purity of being a soul, originally and eternally
Accept this for yourself
And claim your true birthright
Now are the moments when much is shaking up in the material world
This is because it is the time for us to remember who we are, and remember God, know that One, as the Supreme Soul, our spiritual parent and Beloved
This is the time to become double light
Regain our wings
Once again
Now are the moments of power
These are the days of transformation
Sit quietly and just be
With yourself
Let your heart just surrender everything and anything
Let yourself become emptied
And therefore free
Allow yourself to emerge as the angel you are
Become immersed in the consciousness of being a living soul
See others with this regard and love
It is only when we break the shackles of body consciousness
That we can become free
Kind and loving
Full of all virtues
And completely pure
We need the help of our Parent
Let Him do everything
If you like to call God a Her that is ok
Just know that we are all genderless
Us souls and God
And that we belong to that One
And that One belongs to us
Let us all become truly free
Once again.
Om shanti dearest special souls.