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Forgiveness means
to stop punishing yourself

It means to allow yourself to be free
to let past be past
to let the drama of life
be what it is
to let yourself off the hook
for being the lawyer and judge of life
and just
the truth is
when we haven’t forgiven ourselves, or another
either way
we are punishing ourselves
by creating suffering
in our minds and bodies
As we learn to let go
we become free
As we decide to stop punishing ourselves
we regain our wings
our wings of freedom and peace
without these wings, we cannot feel light and fly
we cannot feel truly happy and free
we cannot be fully creative
and most significant
we cannot be fully with God
to be fully with God
we must have a clear mind and heart
If lack of forgiveness, holding onto a situation
is still happening
we are not clear
And so
let us all
decide today
to stop punishing ourselves
to let go
let the past be past
to give it all to God
to choose freedom and peace
regain our wings
May your heart and mind be completely free.
Om shanti.