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Flying on the wings of zeal and enthusiasm
is the way to make fast progress
in your life
All that is required
For this
is a positive and loving mind
You, the soul,
are the master of your mind
And it is your mind
to create what you wish to with
Create positive thoughts!
Create powerful thoughts!
Feel the awareness of who you are
And think only thoughts in alignment
with your true self
Allow yourself to soar on the wings of Grace
As you only accept positive thoughts
into your mind
Throw away bitterness,
resentment, blame, complaining etc.
Those are all garbage!
Embrace your divine nature, O soul!
And allow only the highest thoughts into your mind
Maintain powerful feelings of love and peace
And continue on the journey of all time
of regaining your full strength
through the power of remembrance
and returning to your natural state
of complete
and perfect
Om shanti.