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Floods of Love
are pouring into your heart
into your being
from the One
the Ocean of Love
The Supreme is an Ocean of Love
a limitless ocean with a never-ending
flood of Love
that is coming into your heart
No need to fear or resist
contract, or think
“you’re not good enough”
That is all the ego
For you are a worthy child of God
You are a special soul
You are an angel
playing your human part…
on the world stage
Let go of the mud and and negativity that binds you
Just let the flood of love flow into your being
and you can be transformed
in a second
It only takes a second to let it God’s Love
and it can take a second to completely let go of something
burdening you
All it takes is a willingness
A willingness to let in God’s flood of Love
You are worthy
You are capable
You are a beloved soul
A child of God, of the Master Almighty
And so, what could a child of the Master Almighty, not do?
Take in love and power from the One
Belong to that One
This is your right.
Om shanti.