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Finding true love
in a world of millions of attractions and distractions
there is only one Love
that is pure
and completely fulfilling
This Love comes from the Divine
from God
When we come to know this Love
we can at first be stunned at the beauty
at the fullness
of such Love
Even if you’ve only tasted this Love
Seek it
Don’t ever give up
Even if you’ve never felt this Love
Seek it
Don’t ever give up
Connect your heart and mind to the Divine
and experience this Love
Even if you have to make a lot of effort
to Remember
to connect
that’s ok
Keep going
This is the only true Love
the only love that will not die
All other love is
brotherly/family love
among us souls
For we are children of the One
And it’s only this One who can restore our hearts to fullness
at this time
You will not be able to receive this Love from a human being
They are your friends and companions on the path
The only true Love comes from God
Seek it
Know it
Receive it
Be filled completely
with God’s Perfect Love.
Om shanti.