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Fill yourself with the treasure of pure thoughts
and empower your mind and heart with spirituality
thoughts of your true self are pure
I am a peaceful soul
I have love for all beings
I am a beloved child of the Supreme
thoughts like this bring you back into a state of peace
power, protection and purity
You can think of powerful thoughts as your special protection
from anything negative
These thoughts keep you in a positive state of being
and bring great happiness and pure feelings to the heart
You are able to give as a bestower of blessings
As you, yourself, are filled with the treasure of pure thoughts
And so you are able to give endless blessings of love
peace and happiness
to all those around you
You know that wasteful or negative thoughts have never gotten you anywhere good, anyway
And so why not reclaim this special treasure, why not experiment with the power of pure thoughts, and give it a try?
Fill yourself with the treasure of pure thoughts
and become free
Become one who gives and donates blessings to others
Become one with the power to transform yourself and all situations
with the power of your pure thoughts
Become one who is naturally connected in union with the Divine
This is a true gift to the world
This is truly changing yourself
and changing the world.
Om shanti.
Many thanks and blessings of love, to the soul who has the courage to have pure and positive thoughts