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Fear can be transformed with love
Perhaps you’ve heard this before
yet, have you tried it?
When we let the fear be ok
And we come into our compassion
our love, our mercy, our truth
It can be transformed with the power of the heart
quite quickly
I’m sharing this because I saw an amazing man today
Who is an MD, and also now sees energy centers
very intuitive
And we were discussing how fear can be transformed with love
It may be a slightly unique process for each soul
Though I think the essence is the same for us all
To tap into the overflowing wellspring of love in your heart
Compassion, Mercy, Love
And let that transform small fears
into the greater picture of limitless love
It’s hard to put words to, as it’s an inner process
though I think you can sense what I’m saying
by fear being transformed into Love
with your beautiful Heart
and all the Love inside.
Om shanti.