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“Failure is just practice for success”
It’s simply feedback
The way we grow and become strong
The way we become unshakeable
is through experience in life
I came across this quote today
and felt it was a golden awareness we must keep with the self
We must maintain the consciousness of victory
of success
and so we really don’t see ‘mistakes’
in ourselves or others
we only see learning and growth
When we can maintain these good feelings for the self
We can really start to fly
It’s when we get all caught up in the body consciousness
of problems or mistakes
that we can be weighed down
Yet as we are in the consciousness of the soul
We recognize everything to be contributing to our growth and perfection
We keep our aim and goal in mind
We have the vision and remembrance of our enlightened state
and we approach our journey with love and compassion
I think this is a key aspect to ‘success’ on our journey
It’s not that we can just immediately be magically completely transformed
But rather
Transformation is a process
It takes time
And the more we see our shortcomings as excellent learning opportunities
The more we’re able to fly ahead with zeal and enthusiasm on the journey of life
and enjoy every scene
This is a secret to happiness too
For as we keep ourselves optimistic and engaged with the learning process
the process of changing from ego/body consciousness
to soul consciousness
the more it all becomes wonderful
and we can smile, love and be light
with ourselves
and others
So be light
enjoy the journey
There’s really no such thing as failure
only feedback
So keep on going on
and know
with faith and love
that you will reach your divine destiny
and deeply enjoy the journey,
along the way.
Om shanti.