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Everything belongs to the Divine

this is the consciousness of a trustee

One whose entire life has been surrendered to the One.

“The Divine has blessed me with all He has to give.”

Is what we remember in our hearts

We realize that all belongs to Him

And, I, the soul, am a trustee.

I am a trustee of this body, this home, these relations, these belongings, this service – all of it.

Everything belongs to Him

Nothing is mine

All is His

This is the way to become free in 1 second

It is the way of “Jeevanmukti in a second”

Give everything up to the One

And become instantly free

Become one who is like a flying bird

Above all of the things down below

Flying free as an angel

When we can be with life in this way, we can be truly loving and detached at the same time

We can be free and incredibly helpful to all our brothers and sisters

When we are free of attachment, we are free of bondage

We let go of all negative energy to the One

And He transforms it – and gives us multi-million fold blessings back in return

This is the way of the raja yogi

Give everything to Me, He says

And I, the soul, say,

Ha ji

Yes, my Beloved

Thank you.

Om shanti.

Daily Blessings