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The Power of Thought is powerful, beyond measure.

We experience what we hold in mind. The mind is our tool, our friend.

Yet, if we haven’t looked after this friend in a while, we must first get reacquainted.

Go ahead and practice now, for just 1 minute, giving your mind and brain renewed energy and power, with these thoughts of the original self:

I am a powerful soul.

I am a great soul.

I am a pure soul.

Repeat these to yourself, quietly in your mind, and begin to feel the benefits and shifts. These are 100% true thoughts of the original self. Give your mind this renewed nourishment of truth.

We are at a time in our human story, where we must empower our minds with pure and powerful thoughts. Throw away weak and wasteful thoughts, they are of no use to you. Empower yourself with powerful thoughts. Bring powerful thoughts to all areas of your life; to your health, your relationships, you wealth, and all of your endeavors. Renew your mind with this great gift, and your mind will serve you, the soul, very well.

Many blessings,


p.s. Would you like a very powerful practice to transform and empower your mind?

Do these 2 things:

  1. Upon waking, and just before going to sleep, think powerfully. Repeat in your mind powerful thoughts, such as the ones listed above. In the moments before you’re going to sleep, and the moments after you wake up, there is a sensitive and important window of time when your subconscious mind is most active. Empower your subconscious mind with powerful, pure, uplifting thoughts – and see your inner and outer worlds transform.
  2. Write out a powerful thought of choice 108 times, on paper. Do this before bed, or in the morning for extra power. This powerful thought and vibration will charge your mind and brain with power and nourishment, and you will see nearly instant and long-term positive results. Try it and see for yourself.

Om shanti.