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Don’t become weary O soul…
the destination of your happiness
is not far off

says the Supreme
It’s the diamond time of returning to our soul conscious awareness
When we are soul conscious
there is no such thing as violence
or negativity
or harm
There is only peace
It’s when we become trapped in name and form
trapped in the vices
that we lose consciousness
It is like suicide of the soul
to go completely unconscious
under the influence of negativity
lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment
These energies destroy all truth
so the soul cannot see
Yet, who wants to continue with such a fate?
It’s not very pleasant
And so let us bring ourselves to face the Supreme
Let us learn to have Remembrance and recharge the battery of the soul
Let us realize who we are
And let go of everything false
Let us restore truth within the self
with the help of our Spiritual Parent
our Spiritual Mother and Father
the One
the Divine
the Purifier
What do you think?
Do you, too, feel it is time?
Do not become weary O soul…
your destination of peace is not far off…
But you do have to make effort…
…to do what’s good for the soul
Om shanti.