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I just recently got off a group mentoring call
with a very spiritually-dedicated group of souls
Something really important came up
that comes up again and again…
Much of the work I find myself and Michael doing
is in supporting the detox of harmful new age and self-help concepts
out of soul’s heads and hearts
There are many confusing and conflicting messages floating around
and so I found myself sharing this morning, and again and again…
It comes down to this,
the essence of the spiritual or religious path:
Who am I?
Who do I belong to?
Self and God
Ask yourself,
Is this practice or philosophy bringing me closer to knowing myself, and closer in my reconnection to God?
Or is it diffusing my awareness and connection?
Much of the confusion lies around the philosophies that,
“God is in all things. God is everything. I am God.”
Yet, when sages or teachers of the past have said this,
They were actually describing a very high level of consciousness
in which they were describing experiencing the constant company and presence of God
leading them to say things like, “God is in everything”
This is an elevated level of consciousness, though, not an actuality to be taken literally
God (the Divine, Spirit) is not in the trees, cats and dogs, table, dirt, rocks, you, me etc.
If this were true, why then, would you pray to God. If you are God, and God is in all things,
why my friend are you doing spiritual practice or prayer at all? And why my friend would you say the world is in the darkness it’s in?
This is all a result of forgetting, a grand manifestation of the human ego, is the reason for the darkness
This world here is the realm of matter, the physical elements. We, and God, are made of consciousness, of love, peace and bliss. It isn’t that we are the same, or that God is the same, as the material world, but rather, this is the field of action, we are the actors, God is the Director – the One beckoning us to now come back Home, return to our natural state, remember who we are. We’ve become grossly identified with matter, yet, we are light, God is light.
God is our Friend, Helper and Guide
This is the Supreme Soul, the One, who does not incarnate as we do and get caught up in the ‘movie’ of life
God is the Parent – the Divine Mother and Father, who is here for us children, holding the pure consciousness of Truth, so that in that One’s Remembrance
We may find our way back to ourselves, back to our Truth, back Home.
We take this One’s help to remember who we are
Individual souls, all part of a big family, brothers and sisters belonging to the One, spiritual beings created in the image of that One
And so, if you are caught in the spinning or circus of the new age roller coaster
And find yourself feeling very unstable and emotional
I tell you this, from the depths of my heart:
Remember only this: Who am I? Who do I belong to?
God, the Divine
Anything or anyone that leads you farther away from this spiritual core and power
Have the courage to let go
Have the courage to come back inside yourself
to remember who you are and reestablish your connection and relationship with the One, Divine, God, Ocean of Love (whichever name you love for this Being)
For only in this,
is there Peace.
“Consider yourself to be a soul, and Remember Me alone”
is that One’s guidance for our returning to Peace.
We cannot return to our natural state with the help of other human beings, but rather, we must take the help, of a Higher Power.
Om shanti.