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Daily Remembrance How to become burden free by surrendering to the One In life we can have piles of responsibilities, yet, to be happy and centered, we must renounce the consciousness of “I” and “mine” and become true servers of the One. In this way, we can live as trustees, and always be free of burden, using everything in a worthwhile way and for an elevated cause.When you are eating, eat from God’s treasure store. Have this awareness and feel you are taking in these nutrients and energy for the body so that you, the soul, can do elevated service in the world.When you are working, give blessings to all souls around you.See yourself as world benefactor always, and become free. Be an instrument of the Divine, and surrender everything up. Om shanti Blessing: May you be one who has a right to sit in God’s heart by the cleanliness of your true heart and calm mind.