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A world of Truth
within our minds
It is by experiencing truth
and peace
that this is created externally
this may sound simple
with the state of the world
the state of our minds
as it is
there is a significant transformation to take place
How to purity the mind?
How to cleanse the soul?
There is only the One Method
and it is one that is for all souls
To Remember the One, Alone
The Purifier/ God/ The Divine
is here
to remove our sorrow
and the illness in the minds
of us souls
there is significant illness
in the minds of souls
no one is exempt
from the need to cleanse the mind
and heart
and return to natural spiritual
power and truth
And so
We surrender
We let go
We decide to allow the Purifier
to remove the illness
And take us back Home to our truth
It takes a significant letting go of the ego’s grip
and a sincere effort
to remove our minds from thinking about human beings/bodies all day
or desires, fears, worries
thinking about God’s light
and recharging the self
while you go about your day
Try it out
and you will see
how significant the illness of body consciousness has become…
How many of us go about our day seeing all as souls?
completely detached from the drama of life
and completely loving
It’s a very high stage
to experience this constantly
And so in our humility
and acknowledgment of the task
We come to the inner realization
that we indeed need help
from the One
Connect your mind in yoga, Union, with the Supreme Soul
and learn how to take in the Fire of Yoga
that burns aways the disease and illness in the mind and soul
Then, you will achieve your divine destiny
and be an instrument for profound love and healing
in the turbulent times ahead.
Destruction always comes before the renewal
Let us recognize this and bring ourselves to purify now
in the fire of love
of Remembrance
of the Divine
Let us take that Help
Om shanti.