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Create a spiritual sanctuary
for yourself
and others who come into your home
It feels so good to be back
In my own sanctuary
where I’ve spent hours and hours in remembrance of the One
and the love is so deeply felt
When we travel we have an opportunity to become more stable
in any and every environment
It’s very good, and we learn so much
Just coming back home from Kauai today
My heart is filled with gratitude for the experience
the fullness
the depth
the beauty
the awakening
the service
the support of another home being a spiritual oasis
and my heart is filled with love to come home,
to a spiritual sanctuary
filled with God’s energy
When we sit in remembrance of that One
on a very regular basis
Our home becomes like a pilgrimage place
a place where God’s remembrance is filled
This is one of the most lovely things we can create for ourselves
and for others who enter our home
It’s a base of pure spiritual power
that provides us a foundation with which we can fly
Life will always test us
as ultimately our foundation must be incorporeal
beyond the material
Yet creating a sanctuary vibration in your home
will give you great strength
I’m grateful to be here
and grateful to write again
It’s the most wonderful thing in the world to bask in the Remembrance
of the One
and let those vibrations carry your mind and heart
into such peace
It’s a wonderful thing
to create a Godly sanctuary
in your own home.
See how you can create this more
Cleanliness and order are the base
and remembrance of the One,
a spiritual atmosphere
is the core
Create it and enjoy it
Om shanti.