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There is one way
to become constant and stable
in an elevated state of being
in the peace that is your true nature
This one way is the only I know of
that is,
the solution
to the times we are in
that are very unstable
unpredictable and chaotic
It is in staying in Remembrance of God
That one is known as the Purifier and Savior for a reason
It is this time
that many scriptures are referring to
That One is the only one who can help us remember
become pure and return home
We cannot find this stability and truth
in anything of the material world or even from other human beings
We can only be recharged by the Source
We can only fill the self with truth
from that One
There is no other way…
If there was, we would have already destroyed our negativity ourselves
God is here to help you at this time.
Will you take the help?
Will you learn how to Remember?
Surrender is included in Remembrance.
Just ask yourself…
What would it be like to be in the company of the Ocean of Peace?…
What would it be like to be in the company of the Ocean of Bliss?…
What would it be like, to be surrounded by a canopy of Love?…
This is the Presence of God
You already know this Being.
You’re already a soul.
It’s just that it’s time to Remember.
The period of darkness is coming to an end, but not without showing it’s darkest colors
And so my friend, that time is becoming complete, it is your time to come into the Light.
It is the Confluence Age, the coming of Light, the returning to Dharma.
Remember that One.
and you will experience great peace.
All it takes is a willing heart, to get started.
Om shanti.

send me a message if you would like support to
strengthen your practice in how to have Remembrance