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Cleanse your heart
With God’s love
Anything weighing
anything you regret
anything at all bothering you
Share it with the Divine
with an honest heart
Come to a place of stillness…
Take a deep breath
And just connect with that Being in your mind…
Share what is troubling you,
a burden, or a past mistake
Share with an honest heart
with that One
and your heart will be cleansed
If we keep things inside
they grow
and burden us more
If we share right away
once we’ve realized a mistake,
or acknowledge we are holding something in our hearts
that needs to be released
we become free
God is the Merciful Lord
He is the One with the most loving
and Unconditional Heart
in the entire universe
This Being is here to help us cleanse our hearts
of all wrongs
This One is here to Purify us and take us Home
Don’t hide anything from the One
Share with that One, all the time, everyday
Be honest
and true
trust in that One’s Unconditional Love
and limitless Mercy
As God loves those
with an honest heart
Become free.
Om shanti.