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Beloved children of the One

we are

so deeply beloved

if we only knew

how beloved we are

We would feel the endless stream of love

and spiritual power

coming to us from the One

God loves us with all His heart

There is no holding back

There are no conditions

There is no judgement

There are no remnants of ‘human love’

in Godly love

Godly love is completely pure

and free of ego

It is free of everything other than

Pure truth

By taking in the nectar of Godly love,

our hearts, too, are restored with truth

We are filled with the light of soul consciousness

We are aware of who we are

And all that can be felt is love and deep peace

This is what that One wants for us

To feel the light of our true nature,

to feel His Godly love

and to become so much like that One

That we too emanate and share such pure, true love.

This is our aim.

Om shanti.