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The light of God,

is what belongs to us

Nothing physical really belongs to us at all

We are in the world, but not of it

When we realize the diamond treasure of our inner state of love and peace,

our most beloved relationship with the One

We realize,

this is all we really have

all we could ever want, all we could ever need

When we have this inner treasure, we are content and full

We do not need anything

When we forget and lose our inner treasure and spiritual connection,

We become hungry for something to fill this, and so, we try and ‘get’ and ‘own’ that which is physical

Yet, the day will come, when all of us have to go Home

When it’s time to leave this physical world

And we will know, and hopefully know before this time,

I, the soul, am peace. I belong to my spiritual Father. I have to go to Him.

I am like a diamond, a sparkling star, my treasures are within, and I belong to God.

It is my heart’s deep wish that we all may have this full realization

now, and in the future.

Om shanti.