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A written meditation on Being Your Higher Self

Being your Higher Self
is nothing more
than going within
and remembering
your inner being
Your inner being is you, the soul
the loving soul
the peaceful soul
the one who looks through the eyes
and listens through the ears
your higher self
without the mask of ego or false identity
we can think we are our personality
we can think we are our body
the real you
the true you
the inner you
the one experiencing and reading this right now…
is the soul
the soul is who you are
and the soul is your higher self
remember who you are
and awaken to all things
realize yourself
and nothing will be hidden from you
know yourself
and you will forever feel
the safety and truth
of your very own being.


In my book 3 Seconds to Being Your Higher Self, I remind you that, you are not the ‘person’ you think you are. There is no ‘person’ to ‘make’ more spiritual. But rather, awakening is a matter of realizing the soul that you are. This is your higher self.

We don’t need to strive or struggle. We don’t need to beat ourselves up. We don’t need to ‘get it perfect’. We just need to remember who we are. And from there, all things unfold perfectly, naturally.

When we know ourselves, we also naturally know God. Like knows like. We are spiritual beings, and God, too, is a spiritual being. When I know myself, I know God. When I know God, I know myself. We can call this Being God, or the Divine, or the Supreme Soul.

To realize, I am the soul, helps us to connect to our spiritual parent, the One.

We awaken to the reality that we are eternally safe, held and complete.

There is nothing to fear.

And only a joyous, loving life to live.

Many blessings,