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Being loving,
being free
The two go together very well
When we are truly loving
in real love
we are also in real power
Love and Power are 2 sides of the same golden coin
they are not separate
when we are coming from a deep spiritual place
as souls, we are both naturally loving and powerful
When we come into body/ego consciousness
these energies are corrupted
yet, purely
we are loving and powerful
Practice being loving
without expectation
of any result
Loving to the soul
Loving to the elements
and most of all,
Loving to God
As you tap into God’s love,
you will have an overflowing wellspring of love at your disposal
to shower upon all those around you, and purify the atmosphere around you
Can you see, then, how powerful love is?
Love and Power go hand in hand
from a spiritual basis
For we are souls
and our natural way is to love, to bless and to be free
Be loving, Be Free
You are a powerful soul.
True Power is complete nonviolence
it is Purity
it is Truth
It is Love
It is Freedom.
Om shanti.