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Humility is a shield of protection
When the ego’s arrogance interferes with our lives
it is as though there is a loud noise
breaking the silence of the true heart
Even worse
the ego’s arrogance comes in silently
so that we don’t even notice
It’s frightening
to say the least
what a quiet rulership it has
over souls
and the world
at this time
The best we can do is acknowledge it
watch for it
and surrender it’s grip over
to the Beloved
God, Himself
When we have given everything to
that One
the last thing
will be the final remnants
of the ego
It’s stronger than we realize
and much more clever than we think
This is why
we cannot overcome this
We need the help
of the Almighty
The ego/arrogance is an illness in the soul
a false king
that has gained an inappropriate amount of power
the Self, the soul, is the true King
God Himself is the only one who can help us return
to our spiritual royalty
It’s quite the arena out here
in the world
And so let us roll up our sleeves
Put on our dress of humility
Take God’s hand
and face it all
with as much love as we can
Burning away the enemy
with the fire of love
the fire of union with God
an honest heart
and the deep desire to
restore truth
in ourselves
with all our hearts
We have to want it
with all our hearts.
Om shanti.