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Being a vessel of love
is available to each and every one of us
We have the capacity to tune our minds and hearts
to the Supreme
the Source of love, peace, power and purity
You can just take a moment everyday
just start with that
to be still
and connect your mind and heart
to the Divine
the mind and heart of God
You can let this energy pour into your being and body
And you can share it with the world
and all those you touch
Remembrance is the cure of the times
It is the most sweet fragrance of this Confluence Age
a time of transitioning from the dark
to the light
Remembrance beckons each and every soul
to come into the sweet fragrance of God’s purity
and to restore purity to the self, the soul
It’s the most precious of all treasures
There will come a time
when all souls
will find this Remembrance
why not start now
and enjoy the sweetness
and be at the forefront of change and beauty
blossoming on earth?
You have the power.
Om shanti.