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I used to want to always be around
souls who were illumined, with golden light
soul who had realized themselves and God
and were emanating a pure power of love
so strong, so safe, so all-encompassing
I still love being around these souls
And then,
I realized
I needed to become this.
I needed to become this warm golden loving light
I needed to become that which I wanted to always be around
as then,
I could always experience it
The love, the safety, the warmth, the power, the beauty
And so ever since that realization,
this has been my aim
to become
I share this because how significant it is
for us to become
that which we love
that which we want to be around
As the only reason we seek it and love it
is because it is our own potential
our own capacity
So, my friend,
What is it that you would like to become?
What energy do you love to be around, do you so appreciate?
Seek to become that
And you will be a light not only for yourself
but for others too
to become that which they truly wish to be, too.
Many thanks.
Om shanti.