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Becoming an Angel
in the forest of thorns
Becoming light
in the world of heaviness
Becoming loving
in a world with hatred
Becoming true
in a world of falsehood
These are things being asked of us
by the Supreme
The time is now to release the weight of burden and bondage
and come into freedom
We are here to fly
and return to our purity
innocence, and love
Naturally, purity is power
So we are powerful
and full of light
This is what it means to create a heaven on earth
It’s that
We still have human bodies
Though we are light
We are aware that we are energy, we are souls
We know we are made of love
We know this is a fun entertaining game
And we treat each other and nature
with unlimited respect and love
This is what it means
It isn’t that we can take all of our bad habits with us
It’s that
We let ourselves be transformed into the angel
into the being of peace
This is our natural state, after all,
nothing new…
Just removing the mud and dust
And becoming pure
Once again
Blessed be the angels
on earth.
Om shanti.