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Become a flower in the garden of the One
A flower is loved by all
Flowers are fragrant and give beauty, happiness and sweetness
We love flowers because
Flowers are givers
They give and give and give
They only need a little
And they take their nourishment from the sun and water
And so we too, can take our nourishment
from the Spiritual Sun, the Beautiful Source
and the sweet water of nourishment that One gives us
We can take in from the Source
and then
we can give and give and give
the beautiful fragrance of our purity, love, and virtues
This is what it means to be a flower
For we are being made into flowers by the One
the Master Gardener
this One removes our thorns
and fills us with nourishment
Like the physical sun and water nourish the physical flower
So too, we are nourished by the One
And we give beauty to others and the atmosphere around us
This way, we never wilt
We never become undernourished
For we are always receiving the love of the One
and giving to others.
Become a sweet flower in the garden of the One
Om shanti.