I don’t know another way to live
other than surrendered to God
this is the way of life
that brings the greatest happiness
to the heart
the greatest serenity
to the mind
there is no other way to live
with peace and harmony
at this time
other than surrendered to the One
When we let that One carry us
we are moved by the Grace of love
we are guided by the direction of the One
we are held in the most loving arms in the Universe
It’s a worthy effort
to make this surrender constant
it’s the most worthy endeavor
to be an instrument for that One
For there is a great task unfolding at hand
that only that One can do
through us
as instruments of living peace
on a planet in dire distress
The time now,
as I see it
is to surrender with all our hearts
and be guided by the One who knows
who shares the Truth
and moves us out of the shadows
and into the Light
that One is God
the sweet Mother and Father of all us souls
Now is a time more than ever
to let that One lead
and to take the loving light
of being carried, held and nurtured
by the Beloved Beyond
Om shanti
Many, many blessings.

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Everything belongs to One

Everything belongs to God

this is the consciousness of a trustee

One whose entire life has been surrendered to the One.

“God, the Father, has blessed me with all He has to give.”

Is what we remember in our hearts

We realise that all belongs to Him

And, I, the soul, am a trustee.

I am a trustee of this body, this home, these relations, these belongings, this service – all of it.

Everything belongs to Him

Nothing is mine

All is His

This is the way to become free in 1 second

It is the way of “Jeevanmukti in a second”

Give everything up to the One

And become instantly free

Become one who is like a flying bird

Above all of the things down below

Flying free as an angel

When we can be with life in this way, we can be truly loving and detached at the same time

We can be free and incredibly helpful to all our brothers and sisters

When we are free of attachment, we are free of bondage

We let go of all negative energy to the One

And He transforms it – and gives us multi-million fold blessings back in return

This is the way of the raja yogi

Give everything to Me, He says

And I, the soul, say,

Ha ji

Yes, my Father

Thank you, Father.

Om shanti.

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Belonging to God

Belonging to God


is the aim of the sincere spiritual seeker

One must surrender and give everything to that One

and allow for the power of Truth to fill

one completely

When the aim of the heart is to restore complete truth and love


than the way is of belonging to God

with all one’s heart

and all one’s soul

This is the art of Remembrance

to concentrate the mind and give the mind

to the One alone

By doing so, the mind

is then healed

and filled with peace

The ego will resist this

Yet, for the strong soul

Belonging to God

is the only way

This means giving up attachment to all other things

and forms of ‘belonging’

and belonging to the One

imperishable Source


This is the true surrender and letting go

One that brings us straight to the heart of what’s real and true

and refills us with the glory of soul-consciousness

Living in the true awareness of one’s Self

Experiencing union with God and the deep belonging

of the soul with the Supreme Soul

It’s the most touching of songs

the most beautiful of dances

It’s the way of remembrance

and belonging to the One alone

Such is the freedom we seek

the path we desire

to bring us to complete and full




Belong to the One alone

and be saved from the trappings of illusion

Belong to the One alone

and be taken into the heart


the Supreme Beloved.

Om shanti.

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Simplicity and a Blessing


You radiate inner peace and contentment

because you have the courage to let go

of anything artificial or superficial

You have the ease and freedom

to simply be yourself.

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Being an instrument

Humility is a shield of protection When the ego's arrogance interferes with our lives it is as though there is a loud noise breaking the silence of the true heart Or Even worse the ego's arrogance comes in silently so that we don't even notice It's frightening to say...

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